Plus Size Jewelry

Green Aventurine Beaded Pendant Necklace
Green Aventurine Pendant Necklace.....$70.00
'Beach stone' style pendant necklace is made with frosted green aventurine and picture jasper...more info

Earthy Brown Stone Necklace
Earthy Brown Stone Necklace: 24"..... $38.00
Earth-toned gemstone necklace made with rustic matte brown agate-striped jasper, matte picture jasper, matte bronzite...more info
Blue and Green Tumbled Glass Bracelet
Tumbled Glass Bracelet: 9".... $17.00
Tumbled glass beads are accented with little brushed sterling silver beads....more info

Twig Ring
Twig Ring
Size 10.....$25.00
Handcrafted, solid sterling silver ring is made from a casting of a wild rose twig...more info

Silver Sandals Charm Anklet
Silver Sandals Charm Anklet: Size 12.....$38.06
Sterling silver ankle bracelet with a pair of dangling flip-flops as a charm....more info