Plus Size Jewelry

Agate-striped Jasper and Turquoise Necklace
Agate-striped Jasper & Turquoise Necklace26"...$50.00
Dark brown gemstone and turquoise necklace made with natural stones and 'old world' Bohemian glass seed beads...more info

Black and White Necklace in Natural Stone
Black and White Necklace in Natural Stone: 26"..... $22.80
Earth-toned gemstone necklace made with rustic matte brown agate-striped jasper, matte picture jasper, matte bronzite...more info
Blue and Green Tumbled Glass Bracelet
Tumbled Glass Bracelet: 9".... $17.00
Tumbled glass beads are accented with little brushed sterling silver beads....more info

Twig Ring
Twig Ring
Size 10.....$25.00
Handcrafted, solid sterling silver ring is made from a casting of a wild rose twig...more info

Silver Sandals Charm Anklet
Silver Sandals Charm Anklet: Size 12.....$38.06
Sterling silver ankle bracelet with a pair of dangling flip-flops as a charm....more info