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Triangle Spiral Earrings

Triangle Spiral Earrings

Design is made by fusing flattened and textured wire over textured sterling silver sheet. A dark patina finish is put on the earrings, and the raised wire is re-polished to highlight the design. Length is slightly over 2 inches. One earring weighs 2.3 grams. (A nickel weighs about 5 grams).

Item# B957ER



Sterling silver, like many metals, is in a continuous flux which reflects it's environment. As the metal is exposed to the atmosphere, a reaction occurs which causes darker oxides to develop on it's surface. This process is sometimes called patination. Using a variety of different processes, the metalsmith can hurry this process along. In the case of the spiral earrings above, the background is aged to resemble a primitive artifact. The raised area is then re-polished to highlight the design.

The best care for these earrings is 'do nothing'. Think of them as the metallic equivalent of a cactus plant. NEVER use a chemical dip, or treated polishing cloth on them. Just let them stay on their natural continuum- reflecting their environment. You might occasionally 'go crazy' and rub the raised design to enhance the highlighted effect, but that is about all you should allow yourself. Wearing them is sufficient care.

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