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Tree Bark Ring

Tree Branch Bark Ring

Solid sterling silver ring is part of our nature-inspired botanical series. The shape is a standard (half-round) band, with a tree bark texture. Available from a size 2 - very small or pinky, or child-size, up to a mens plus size 15. It's a somewhat rustic, organic design, that brings some realism from nature into a simple silver band.

Many people use it as a comfortable, casual wedding band. It also makes a great friendship, commitment, or promise ring, especially for people who enjoy the outdoors.

The size shown in the picture is a size seven. The band measures slightly over 1/8-inch (3.5mm) wide.

Item# B819RI

Sizes 2-5.5:

Sizes 6-8.5

Sizes 9-11.5:

Sizes 12-15:

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