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Chrysoprase Ring

Chrysoprase Ring in Sterling Silver

Chrysoprase Ring handcrafted in solid sterling silver with 6mm natural chrysoprase gemstone. Stone has 24 kt gold backing to increase it's 'glow'. Chrysoprase is a type of chalcedony that gets it's unique color from chrome oxides within the stone. We use the highest quality Australian rough for this ring.

This ring is in our 'Sticks and Stones' collection. The setting was designed to highlight the stone in a more natural setting - within a larger rock - caught in the roots of a tree. We live in Oregon, where chalcedony type stones are often found in this manner. Brook-side trees will often have rocks lodged in their roots exposed by the water. (We find mostly carnelian here, which is another type of chalcedony.)

The last photo on the photo gallery page shows chrysoprase 'in the rough', that is, uncut and unpolished.

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