Marcus Berkner Designs

About Us

  • Who are you people?

    Marcus Berkner Designs is a husband and wife business with two partners: Marcus and Amy Berkner. We live and work in Eugene, Oregon, in the USA's Pacific Northwest region.

  • What is it you do?

    We make jewelry. We have done bead work and Marcus has done stone cutting for decades and we began this business selling at our local handcrafted market - Eugene Saturday Market. In the late nineties, Marcus started learning metal-smithing and we gradually added his silver designs to our work. Around that time, we also began to have a larger web presence.

  • Is this a "green" company?

    In case you are wondering what a 'green' company would be, it means a business that causes very little stress to the environment and it can also mean a company that has fair labor practices.

    Keeping 'green' values close to the heart is almost a prerequisite for living in the Pacific Northwest. We live at the center of one of the original "tree-hugging" cultures, that began making people more aware of environmentally-sound practices in the 1960s. Our city is extremely conscious of recycling, avoiding unnecessary waste, and other 'green' practices. The trees in the northwest are magnificent. We live in a rain forest and the trees are considered to be some of the largest varieties in the world. So as a business, we are naturally concerned with 'green' values. Also as a family and as individuals, we don't want to destroy the beauty that surrounds us.

    Silver mining is not an environmental positive, but since silver is a precious metal, 99.9% of all discarded silver is recycled. The silver we use tends to run about 90% recycled. We do not use 100 percent recycled silver because that forces other manufacturers to use more newly-mined silver, as there is a finite amount of recycled silver available.

    We have a great recycling operation here in our city for general office waste, so recycling of all the papers and boxes that come through the business has been made very convenient for us. We also try to do the standard 'green' practices, such as always contacting suppliers who send paper catalogs and letting them know it is not neccesary to send the paper catalog, since we always shop online. We keep our work-environment chilly in the winter, and we do not have air-conditioning, so on really hot summer days, we just have to take the day off and go to the riverside. We also try to re-use all the by-products of our operation that we can. (Casting investment does wonders for the garden. :o))

    More questions about our company? Please contact us. Thank you for your interest in Marcus Berkner Designs.