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Marcus Berkner Jewelry

Gray Cats Eye Necklace in Sterling Silver
Gray Cats Eye Necklace in Sterling Silver:  $55.00
Cat's eye glass is a special glass made with fibers running through it, giving the cabochon a shimmering glow...more info

Amber and Bali Silver Necklace
Amber and Bali Silver Necklace:  24": $111.89
Baltic amber nuggets and rounds with Balinese silver accent beads...more info

Tumbled Glass
Tumbled Glass Bracelet:  $14.00
Glass beads with a tumbled 'beach glass' look and finished with antiqued brush-finished sterling clasp...more info

Twig Ring
Twig Ring:  Size 10 - $25.00
Handcrafted, solid sterling silver ring is made from a casting of a wild rose twig...more info

Rainbow Gemstone Anklet
Rainbow Gemstone Anklet
Size 12: $29.04
4mm gemstones include garnet, amethyst, lapis, turquoise, jade, amber, and carnelian...more info

Triangle Spirals
Silver Earrings

Black and White Polkadot Bracelet
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Bamboo Jade Pendant
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Tumbled Glass Necklace
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Heart Anklet
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